Terms and Conditions

Product prices listed on our site, may change depending on the quantity or other factors.
We declare explicitly, the prices that are quoted, are in no way binding and may change at any time without notice.
Also, all listed product prices exclude VAT, which is 24% or 16% for areas of Greece which fall under a reduced rate of VAT

For the completion and finalization of the order, a deposit is required, which is about 40% of the amount of the total value of the ordered products.

There are many products that our company has a permanent stock. In these products the delivery time is, between 2 and 3 working days from the time of finalizing the order.

Otherwise, i.e. when there aren't available products in stock, then the delivery period is ranging from 20 to 30 days, depending on the factory but also the construction peculiarities of each product.

We undertake the shipping and the delivery of the products at the buyer premises with a transportation fee, if the delivery is "within" the limits of Athens/Attica.

Otherwise, the shipment of the products will be done by a carrier and the transport costs will be debited entirely the buyer.

Athens (Attica)
The full payment of the order, is made directly upon delivery of the products at the buyer premises and only in cash or by depositing money in one of the bank accounts of our company.

DISTRICT (Greece & Islands):
For the shipment of the products in the province, The buyer will pay the total order value by depositing money in one of the bank accounts of our company.

With the new tax provisions, all transactions in excess of 1500 euro, should be made by depositing the amount in the bank account of Seller, deposit on the ground, filing the full name of the purchaser.

The company only accepts bank checks of day deposit. Any other post-dated check or exchange can not be accepted.

The deposit of money for deposit or redemption orders may be one of the bank accounts of the company. The deposit slip, kept by the applicant and is your proof of payment of money to the company.

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